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To bring a new kingdom to life we start with a site visit where we conduct an aesthetic and technical assessment of the proposed location. We choose the best shots, take sample photography, interface with local IT suppliers and determine the technical approach that will be the most successful. Most importantly, we engage aesthetically with the area, selecting the best times and locations to situate the new kingdom. We love to collaborate and feel that each kingdom should reflect the vision of the collector as well as the environment.


Once a project is approved we oversee every aspect of production from artistic development, custom coding, bespoke screen selection, ordering, and physical installation. We have many years of experience working with physical interactive installations and IT infrastructure and will deliver the most robust system possible. Our custom software package manages all recording, playback and archiving autonomously, presenting you with a  totally seamless experience.


Once the piece is installed we ensure we keep a channel open to the system to access it remotely. This way we can monitor for any issues, make changes on request and deliver you custom content all without the need to physically arrive at the installation. We offer all maintenance free of charge for a 1 year period after the installation has been completed. All Sunrise Kingdom editions are maintained remotley by Hellicar Studio from our studio in London.

Pete Hellicar

Creative Director

Pete Hellicar has worked as a creative director  for over 20 years for clients like Etnies, Discovery Channel, Red or Dead, b Store, Nike, Channel 4, Topshop and Orange. After co-founding Hellicar and Lewis and running it for 10 years, he set up Hellicar Studio, specialising in creating magical interactive experiences that exist at the intersection of art, design and technology. Sunrise Kingdom is his newest collaborative piece  created with James Bentley and represents the confluence of interests in technology, photography, interior and experiential design.

James Bentley

Technical Director

James Bentley has been working as a web and application developer since leaving university with a degree in Physics and Philosophy. He has produced graphic software products for clients such as the V&A, Nike, Adidas and Wieden+Kennedy. He has a specialty in real-time graphics and long-term installations and has built both physical and digital systems that stand the test of time. James has been iterating on the Sunrise Kingdom  system since he set up Hellicar studio with Pete Hellicar 2 years ago. He is constantly creating improvements and new features.

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