Sunrise Kingdom...

is a series of digital murals across the globe. Each mural captures the first hour of the sunrise each morning and displays this recording all day in real-time. No two days are the same.

Stewardship is very important to us. By immortalising a time and place we create a piece that is at once timeless and ephemeral, giving you stewardship over your own view on the world.

We make the invisible visible

By capturing the most dramatic and optimistic moment of each day, we arrest the march of time and remind the viewer both of timelessness and transience. 

We’ve worked with private collectors, corporate offices and arts organisations and are qualified to work across the EU, US and Asia. Wherever you want to build your kingdom, we can make it a reality.

Better than the Eye

By using the highest resolution cameras and displays available on the market today, we create videos with perfect clarity and unmatched detail. You’ll notice something new every day.

Contact us

+44 207 036 9388

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